10 Tips For Doing Dissertation Literature Review

Having trouble with your dissertation literature review or thesis editing? You are not the only one who is feeling clueless as to how and where to begin their literature review these days. Reading sample dissertations is just one way to familiarize yourself with the process, the other is finding tips on what should you do to build a good dissertation literature to add to your paper.

Tips for Dissertation Literature Review

  • Know your questions – You should already know what questions you need to answer so you won’t waste time reading sources that are not relevant to your topic.
  • Widen your search – A good literature can only be built if you have enough sources. Show off your research prowess by checking online databases, dissertation samples and such.
  • Choose significant sources – Make sure that the sources you choose are relevant.
  • Identify key themes – You should learn to determine the key themes in your literature and use them to build your dissertation.
  • Adopt critical approach – Your literature should contain information that has undergone intense scrutiny so that mere descriptions are eliminated.
  • Build your findings – Your findings should be drawn from the issues and key themes you’ve researched.
  • Validate your sources – Always validate the sources you’ve used.
  • Categorize – Categorizing your findings can help you deliver useful information accordingly.
  • Expound on your theory – Your literature will certainly contain theories that you need to explain and connect with your dissertation.
  • Conduct source provenance – Determine how authoritative the author of your source is.

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