5 Best Ways to Correct My Paper

Writing a paper is certainly an accomplishment. Once we’ve written a paper, we feel a sense of pride. We sit back, put our feet up, relax, knowing that step one of finishing our paper is complete. But it’s hard to relax too much because we know deep down that only half the job is done. We know our paper isn’t finished – it still needs correcting. Proofread my paper is the bit a lot of us like to put off. We save it for a rainy day. We say we’re on it. We tell people it’s fine, it’s all under control. There’s no problem.

But deep down? We’re terrified. Because we know that correcting a paper means we literally have to get everything right. If any mistakes are leftover, we’re finished. Over. Done for. There is no more correcting once the paper has been handed in.

But guess what? There are some really easy research paper editing checklist you can follow to correct your papers. Correct my paper doesn’t have to be a chore we put off. It can actually be something we kinda look forward to because it means we’re tightening our essays so that they’re as good as can be. Let’s have a look at five ‘correct my essay’ tips that I personally always follow by.


1. Read aloud: When we read aloud, it’s very possible that we’ll spot mistakes we otherwise would have missed. When I correct my paper, I like to print it out and read it. Don’t worry if people might here you – just read and you may learn more about your paper than you thought you would.

2. Take Your Time5-Best-Ways-To-Correct-My-Paper: When I correct my essay, I always devote a substantial amount of time to it. If you’ve got big plans one day but then remember at the last minute that you’ve still got to correct your paper, you’ll spend about 10 minutes scanning through it. You’ll miss so many mistakes. Instead, always plan ahead. Put Monday afternoon and evening aside to thoroughly go through your paper.

3. Concentrate: If I’m to correct my paper, I always make sure I’m alone. I turn off my mobile, the television, the radio – everything that could knock me out of my stride. You simply have to be in the zone when correcting your paper because otherwise you’ll miss a whole host of errors. Such as grammar mistakes.

4. Always check your grammar: A spell checker can sort your spelling out for you, but it isn’t going to help you with another fundamental – grammar. And the funny thing about grammar is that you could read a paragraph twice over and STILL miss the error. For this reason, I advise you thoroughly and painstakingly go through your work slowly and meticulously.

5. Ask someone else to proofread it: After I’ve exhausted myself out, I usually ask a friend to correct my essay for me. I always ask the same one, and I always proof read theirs too. Another pair of eyes can spot the mistakes you’ve missed. Moreover, a second person will approach your paper with greater objectivity, which basically means they can tell you when a sentence just doesn’t work despite you thinking it was the best sentence in the world ever.

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