APA vs MLA format


What is APA formatting?

APA is an acronym for the American psychological Association and documents which are written by using this APA style uses this system to cite specific sources within the social sciences. This APA style uses a specific kind of format and it also uses in-text citations as well as footnotes, endnotes and usually a rather extensive reference page. To compare this style with others it could be useful to do a comparison of API versus MLA.  Such an APA style document should be typed double-spaced on a standard size page and in order to remain within the boundaries of this style it is requested that 1 inch margins are used on all sides. Most people use a 12 point Times new Roman font but technically any font which are clear and easily readable will be acceptable.

What is MLA formatting?

MLA is an acronym for Modern Language Association it is also sometimes referred to as the name and work style. The MLA format is used by high school students and also students in undergraduate studies. Some guidelines for this style of writing are the use of a standard size of paper, it is preferred that the document are double spaced and once again it is requested that you use a kind of font which are highly readable like Times new Roman. Various APA versus MLA differences exist. The preferred font size is 12 points and only one space should be used after periods or other punctuation marks and in this style it is also requested that you keep spaces on all sides at 1 inch.

Differences between MLA and APA formats

APA versus MLA differences, MLA does not use commas to separate the material while APA does. In MLA the date follows the publisher in the citation while in APA the date follows the author. In the MLA format the source page is called a “works cited” while in APA it is known as references. Both MLA and APA formats are widely used. In MLA all the major words which are contained in a specific title are capitalized and the title are underlined while in APA only the first word of the title and the first word of the subtitle and also proper nouns are capitalized while all of the rest are in lowercase. The title in an APA document will be in italics. The MLA format will spell out the full names of the author while in the APA format only the surname will be spelt out while everything else will only be initials.


Other uses of MLA and APA formats

MLA and APA formats have grown in popularity especially in education institutions. It will often depend on the specific task which format will be used by our professional editing service, and if unsure, it will be prudent to inquire about which specific style are preferred by the specific institution or educator. A significant amount of editing will be needed if it is discovered that you have been using the wrong style since there are considerable differences between MLA and APA formats.

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