Best Research Paper Editing Checklist

Writing a research paper can be one of the most difficult things we have to do, but editing a research paper? This is where things can get really tricky. Moreover, you may learn more about proofreading papers on our site.

It’s in the editing process where mistakes are supposed to be ironed out, where the paper is tightened up, evidence is strengthened, before the paper is handed in, complete, tip-top, finished, done – in a word, brilliant.

For this reason, a huge amount of pressure is on the editing process. We have to get it right. But for some, the questions are; how do I make a start? What do I do, what do I not do? How do I know when I’m finished?


For this reason, we’ve come up with a best research paper editing and revising a paper checklist to act as your number 1 guide for editing that all-important research paper! Let’s take a look.

Make Sure You’ve Provided Clear Evidence

When writing a research paper, evidence is important. It’s pretty much fundamental. If you’ve provided unclear – or worse still, incorrect evidence, it could be disastrous. As you comb through your research paper, make sure that your evidence is strong and clear.

DoYour Paragraphs Flow Naturally?

Best-Research-Paper-Editing-ChecklistThere is nothing worse than reading a paper where one paragraph doesn’t follow on from the preceding paragraph. The impression on the reader is jarring.

Think about your favourite film and how every scene follows logically the one that preceded it. If a scene comes randomly and has no relation to the one before it, you’re left confused and question what’s going on.

This should not happen in a research paper.

Make Sure You’ve Used Enough Sources

Using one or two sources is not really adequate, particularly not for a big research paper. On your research paper checklist should be the amount of sources you’ve got. Outline them and see whether they’re really an adequate amount to strengthen your argument. If not – include some more.

Is Your Paper Is The Right Length?

Sounds like a trivial matter on your research paper checklist, right? But you won’t believe the amount of paper who either write too many words – or not enough! Make sure you’ve stayed within the boundaries. Some will allow for 5% either side of the maximum word count.

Check Your Page Numbers

Page numbers might sound like a little thing on your research paper editing checklist, but they definitely need to be checked. Make sure you have page numbers on all your pages – and that they’re correct!

Check All Grammar Mistakes

This one has to be on your research paper editing checklist. Poor grammar trips up so many of us because too often we quickly scan through our papers.

Take your time to look out for things like double negative, transitions, verb forms, misplaced apostrophes, subject-verb agreements, use of ‘their’ instead of ‘there’, as well as other easily misspelled words such as ‘effect’ instead of ‘affect.’

Don’t Forget The Summary

If a summary is required – and it often is – make sure that it affirms everything you’ve said in your research paper but in less words – and different words. Keep it concise, to-the-point, but always clear.

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