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Editing Sample

Why Is Research Paper Revising and Editing So Important?

According to information reproduced in the Economist some one-fifth of papers in their studies contained errors of some form with regards to calculations. Many of these are peer-reviewed and even published and quoted extensively. So errors are not uncommon in anyone’s writing, but if your paper is found to contain any you may have your paper rejected or returned to you for revisions. Poorly written papers that contain errors will also hurt your credibility.

Just because other papers may have passed with some errors does not mean that yours will, nor should it be used as an excuse to not check for and eliminate them. Every care must be taken to ensure that your writing is perfect if you want to get the results that you are looking for as well as the credit that you deserve. But editing and proofreading is a task that can be time-consuming and often very difficult to undertake on your own writing. Most people just do not see even glaringly obvious issues within their own work as they are just too familiar with what they intended to write. This is why it is often best to get advice and help with your paper editing.


Tips for Editing a Research Paper

If you have looked at our research paper editing sample then you will understand that there are a lot of things that you may catch when you edit your writing. Our example helps you to understand just how much you can improve even reasonable writing and improve the experience of the reader. Even the best ideas will not be received well if they are presented poorly. The aim of your editing is:

  • qualified editing helpTo clarify and improve your text
  • To remove any possible ambiguity
  • To ensure proper flow
  • To check that your word choices are appropriate for your audience
  • To remove all wordiness
  • To check all facts
  • To ensure that your formatting and referencing are correct
  • To generally improve readability

To achieve effective editing we offer the following research paper editing checklist and tips so that you can improve your writing:

  • Leave as long as possible between writing and editing to reduce familiarity with what you have written.
  • Use your computer to check for grammatical and spelling issues; do not however, expect the software to find everything, as it will not.
  • Start with the big picture; is your paper structured in the required manner and have you covered everything that should be in each section?
  • To review your paper print it out in a larger than normal font size so that it is easier to read as well as slowing down your pace of reading.
  • Read your work aloud and record what you read; this will often highlight many of the issues with your writing.
  • Consider one issue at a time; look at your flow and transitions, examine your word choices, check that all of your citations and references are correct, etc.
  • Have one of your peers review your paper in exchange for you reviewing theirs. Having another person review your work is often far more effective than doing your own.

research paper revising and editing before    research paper editing sample after

As Walter McDougall and Tomoharu Nishino say when writing for the University of Pennsylvania:
“Thorough and rigorous analysis is only half the battle when it comes to your thesis. You need to persuade the reader with a clear and effective presentation. If you cannot persuade through your writing, then it does not matter how good your ideas are. Great writing is hard to learn. Good writing is not. All of us have some bad habits that are easily corrected once we understand what they are.”

So it is very important that you edit your work to eliminate all of those bad habits within your writing so that your ideas clearly stand out and impress the reader.

We Can Provide Effective Editing for Your Paper

Providing work that is going to be error free is far from easy, and certainly not something that you are going to do quickly. This is why you may want to seek out professional help with your editing to ensure that your work will be of the standard that is required.

Using a professional and certified editor will ensure that your research paper is quickly and efficiently edited by someone that truly understands just what needs to be done to improve your writing. They will be able to offer you an unbiased and effective review of your writing and to correct any issues that you may have within your writing.

So if you have been looking at our research paper editing sample and want to achieve the same or a better standard of writing with your own paper just contact our specialized and highly qualified editors here today for affordable and reliable support.

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