Frequently Asked Questions About Editing and Proofreading Services

We welcome questions from prospective clients. We sincerely believe that the more people understand our services, the greater is their appreciation that what we offer is something useful to getting the degree they worked so long to achieve. Here are some of the more common questions we have gotten from folks in the past.

Just How Important Are Editing And Proofreading Services?

They are essential to producing a high quality dissertation. Doctoral students are proficient in their area of study but not everyone understands English grammar. Just as important, students may not be knowledgeable about formatting. The people who work for us are proficient editors who have provided PhD dissertation editing services in the past. They are familiar with English grammar and formatting requirements of content as well.

How Long Does It Take to Get the Work Done?

We work with the deadlines given to us by the client. If a quick turnaround is necessary, we can do it. Incidentally, working against the clock does not mean we sacrifice quality all. Our work is proofread twice for absolute accuracy.


What Is Included in the Service?

We offer a very comprehensive proofreading editing services for our clients. This includes not just checking for grammar at typographical errors. We will also paraphrase the content so that reading is easier and information more understandable. We will also check out the formatting so that it is exactly what the faculty advisors expect. The editor understands the subject matter and can make the text even better with a little editing work.

What If The Client Is Not Satisfied?

We have a 100% money back guarantee.

What are Some of Your Other Services?

Our services go beyond just making sure that the dissertation is neat and tidy. Dissertation proofreading services can be invaluable to a doctoral student with a hectic schedule. Proofreading the dissertation can take hours for someone who’s inexperienced. Moreover, the doctoral student is too close to the content. It is very possible that mistakes can be overlooked. We offer a pair of eyes that have worked on PhD dissertations before. We are able to spot the problems, improve the flow of the words, and at the same time see to it that the information and research is communicated. We do our very best to see to it that a fantastic dissertation is presented to the review committee.

A poorly edited dissertation can be thrown back in the face of the student. We do not want to see that happen. Our professional service is intended to make sure that a student can present his or her work confidently. The dissertation will be thoroughly proved, corrections made, and a great-looking copy resulting.

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