Do I need editing?
Even the best writers recognize the necessity of using an editing service. This is because even skilled writers make and fail to recognize mistakes. A thesis editing service specializes in helping academic-oriented writers in a particular area of study and research. When your academic career is at stake you simply cannot afford to make any major mistakes. Let us assist you to help you deliver the best possible work!
What happens if I submit a thesis containing errors?
Academic institutions are very proud of the work that they produce and they uphold the highest academic standards. If your work does not meet those standards it may be rejected. In most cases you are given a second chance and you are given a fixed period within which you need to edit your work. You can maximize your chances of success by taken advantage of a proven thesis editing service such as ours.
Why will my word processor not do the job for me?
Your word processor can identify spelling mistakes in common words and some grammatical issues, but not all of them. It will not spot words that have been misused or used out of context. Nor will it spot if you change tense or person mid-sentence. Nor does your word processor know what format your work must meet or assist you in re-structuring the content. Relying on your word processor will increase the probability that your mistake will go unnoticed.
I have an essay that needs editing, can you do it or do you only do theses?
Essay editing services is our specialty. While we are mostly oriented towards the thesis editing market we can provide you with help with any form of academic writing. If you need an essay editing service we can provide it inexpensively and efficiently to meet the same high standards as for our thesis editing services.
My thesis is highly technical, are you sure your editor will understand it?
Unlike some online editing services that will employ unqualified freelancers to provide the services that they offer, we employ the very best editors available.
I am very happy with the structure and layout of my thesis, I just need a second set of eyes to have a quick check. Can you provide that?
If you feel that your thesis is as good as you need it to be then we can happily provide you with a full proofreading service to ensure that no simple errors are lurking within your work.
If I am not happy with you do is there a money back guarantee?
Yes, we offer a full guarantee for every service that we provide through our online thesis editing services. In the very unlikely event that you are unhappy we will redo the work through our thesis editing service or return your money.

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