How We Work

Why Academic Editing Services?

Even the very best writers in any field order editing services. Imagine Hemingway collaborating with his editor located in France in the 1900’s at a time when the Internet was unheard of. Would he not prefer to simply upload his manuscript to save time on commuting or mailing it? Writing is never easy and academic standards are very tight, so it is doubly important that you get your work edited prior to submission to ensure approval. Avoid getting a critical review, poor grade or outright rejection by getting your work thoroughly edited. Our professional academic editing services are available!

Editing vs. Proofreading

Thesis editing involves analyzing the main text and suggesting different words/terminologies, involves content restructuring and improvements in logical word flow in addition to a spelling and grammar check. Proofreading only involves a spelling, punctuation and format check. Editing goes far further and looks at your choice of words as well as the flow and the overall structure of your document. A good thesis editor will ensure that there are a consistent style, wording and overall structural flow to your statement. An editor will add words and paragraphs where necessary to ensure that your work transitions correctly from one part to the next. They ensure that your thesis is coherent and well-written while meeting all academic requirements.

Dedicated Academic Editors

We will select an editor for your project that specializes in your area of study. They will be a native English speaker and they will have a significant amount of experience in effectively providing academic editing services. We test and check every member of staff that we employ thoroughly to ensure that they meet the highest of standards. An academic editing service is a service that demands a large of amount of time input. Our academic editors will work through your thesis methodically to ensure that they identify any and all issues and will mark up your document accordingly. Obvious errors will be corrected and changes will be marked up. You will be able to decide if you wish to implement their decisions or discard the changes they suggest.


The Best Results

By employing the best qualified and experienced editors to provide our thesis service, we save our clients time and costs. Our main aim to keeping our clients satisfied. We always review the work produced ourselves and fully monitor the output from every editor and any feedback that may be received. We strive for the best and do not accept poor workmanship. We offer a full satisfaction guarantee and will make any modifications you request.

Choose us for the most effective academic editing services!

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