How We Work

Our process is designed to be simple. Our online proofreading services are provided with care,attention to detail and productivity in mind. We know how time-consuming proofreading/editing can be and we want to save your time. We know that your work is already good our goal is to make it the best it can be.Simply send us your essay, professional memo or research report and we will help turn it from a great document, into a perfect one!


Professional Proofreading Affordable Prices

professional proofreading and editingThere are many responsibilities that come along with providing an online proofreading/editing service. The two that are the most relevant are our professionalism, and our pricing.We employ a wide network of highly skilled proofreaders to provide fast turnaround times and a reliable service. You will receive high-quality feedback when you need it and for an unbeatable price. Weare certain that you can take advantage of our professional proofreading to perfect your own work. There are only a few steps:

Make your order
Our website is available around the clock 7 days a week to accept your orders. Simply complete the order form on the site providing the few pieces of information that are requested, including your type of work, your deadline time, your number of pages, in the online calculator you will see the resulting total sum of that you need to pay for the purchase.Don’t forget to let us know just how quickly you need the work completing. All of the information that you provide is treated with full confidentiality at all times. 

Make the payment
Our professional services are very affordably priced without any hidden charges. Simply make your payment through secure channels using one of the well-known and trusted options provided. All payments are confidential and protected fully by our money back full satisfaction guarantee. All you need to do is to confirm the purchase through the link.

Your editor is assigned
Once payment has been confirmed we will assign the most appropriate of our editing staff to work with you. They will be certified editors, qualified in an area relevant to the subject of your paper to ensure their full understanding. They will contact you through our services to confirm your order and to begin the editing process.

Review your draft
All editing is done according to your expectations at all times. You will be provided with a marked up copy of your paper showing all of the suggested changes that our editor recommends. On this stage, please make sure the work completely satisfies you and corresponds to all of your standards of quality. In case you feel like something is missing and you want to add the remark please let us know so we can revise your work again. If additional changes are needed then our services provide for unlimited revisions until you are fully satisfied.

Get the final reviewed research paper
Once any changes that you have requested are completed to the standard that you require your paper will be put through our free proofreading. As well as removing all errors in your writing we will also ensure that it is correctly formatted and tested for plagiarism. All work is completed within the deadline that you requested at the start of this process and delivered to you in your chosen format. Note that we don’t close the project progress until we get the ultimate, 100% approval from you so you can be sure you’ll stay 100% satisfied.

Proofreading and Editing Services to Help Your Writing

professional online proofreading servicesOur company has one goal: to perfect any document you send us.Whether you need our online proofreading services for copyediting, writing the project or to organize and structure the flow of an essay, we are confident that our proofreading/editing services will give you what you need! We aim to exceed your expectations for quality, affordability and turnaround time. When you order our professional proofreading service, you can rest assured your work is in the right hands. Proofreading, editing, and effective writing are important aspects that we can help you with. You have better things to develop more ideas, attend to your personal life and get an adequate amount of rest. Because your time is valuable, let us help you increase your productivity and save it. You create the idea, you write the paper and we polish, improve and revise.

We are an online proofreading company dedicated to saving you time and improving the quality of your writing, let us exceed your expectations.

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