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Can Editing Examples Help You?

Your academic writing needs to be perfect if you are to get the results that you need from it. Poorly written work will result in significantly lower grades even if what you have written is totally correct and well thought out. At higher levels in your education even a single spelling mistake could see work rejected back to you for revisions to be made. So finding those errors and improving your writing is very important indeed.

But doing your own English editing and proofreading will often be highly ineffective; most people are unable to easily see just how their own work needs to be improved. One way of learning how to make improvements however is by looking at editing samples that can show you what needs to be improved.


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How Can a Sample Essay for Editing Help You?

Looking at how editing professionals have changed and improved a sample essay can provide you with a huge amount of guidance as to how you should approach your own writing. Examples of editing provide you with a huge amount of insight as to just what issues with your writing need to be reviewed and how they should be changed.

By carefully reviewing the samples that our site provides for you, you will be able to see many different methods that can be used to improve your own writing.


Tips for Editing Your Own Work

Even with samples you still need to understand how you should approach your own editing for the best results. The following are some easy to understand tips that will help you with your own editing so that you can improve your writing prior to submission:

  • Always leave as long as possible between writing and editing so that you are less familiar with what you have written in your paper
  • Use a good spelling and grammar checking software as your starting point as this will often highlight many of the most obvious mistakes; but remember this is only the starting point
  • Look at the big picture first; have you answered the question that was asked as the prompt for your essay or paper? Does it have a clear flow from your introduction to your conclusion?
  • Look at your transitions; not just between sections but throughout your writing
  • Start by reading your work aloud and record yourself; this will often highlight everything from incorrect words to poorly constructed sentences
  • Check your word usage; is language appropriate for your audience? Have you avoided the use of acronyms, slang and overly fancy words from your thesaurus that no one will comprehend?
  • Use a dictionary to check words if you are not 100% confident; think of words such as desert and dessert
  • Reduce the speed of your reading by printing it out in a larger font and touching every word as you read through. Read through the work backwards to better identify incorrect words and other issues
  • Proofread for one error at a time to maintain your attention; spelling mistakes, punctuation, grammatical errors

We Can Edit Your Paper to Perfection

Our editing and proofreading services are provided through trained professionals that are certified to provide their service. They also hold post graduate degree qualifications within the fields that they work within ensuring that you will always work with an expert that fully understands your writing. All work is completed to a high standard and to your full satisfaction; if you think additional work is required then we offer unlimited revisions until you are totally happy. All work is unique and error free and will always be delivered to you on time.

So if you want help to improve your work as well as any of our editing examples just contact our experts here today for specialized support that you can trust.

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