Top Tips On How To Edit A Research Paper Fast

Whether we like it or not, most of our young life in education will be spent writing something. Whether we’re writing documents, a thesis, a research paper, and so on, there is a good chance that 50% of the time we’ll be writing. It’s just one of those things.

Even once the writing part is over and we go off for a celebratory drink, thinking we’re finished and that we’ll never have to see that pesky research paper ever again, we’re quickly reminded that we have to edit the research paper.

As we pop to the bar and order another rum, the bartender will wink at us and say, “you know you’ve still gotta edit that paper, don’t you?”


This is the moment the fun well and truly stops.

Worse than simply editing a research paper is when we have to do research paper editing fast. When time is of the essence, and we’ve literally got 24 hours until we hand the paper in, it’s easy to panic. How to edit a research paper fast? Where to we start?

Fortunately, we at have come up with a few top tips on how to edit a research paper so fast that you beat the clock.

Make Sure There Are No Disturbances

First of all, situate yourself in a room where no one is going to disturb you. The last thing you want is the television beckoning you over, or the radio playing your favourite tune. Nor do you want a housemate popping in to ask you out for chicken. Get some privacy so that you can focus.

Get Rid Of The Fluff

Everything in a research paper has to relate to the main point. Just like all the scenes in a Hollywood movie tie into the main plot, all your sentences and paragraphs need a reason for being there.

If anything seems like it’s just rambling or fluff, or if something is weak and doesn’t really seem relevant, cut it out. Quick research paper editing is all about tightening your paper and cutting the fat.

But you must be prepared to cut and cut quickly. Remember, you’re racing against the clock here.

Re-read, Re-read, Re-read!

Can you read quickly? You need to not only be able to read quickly, but you also need to process information quickly.

But incase you can’t, we advise that you re-read over and over until the clock strikes twelve. In this way, you’ll spot any mistakes you missed earlier. Read aloud if that helps. Re-reading over and over will also help you find arguments that just don’t make sense.

Seriously, the first time we read our arguments we think it looks fine. Even the second time it still looks fine. But the third time? No way, it’s all wrong, why did we ever keep it in the first place?!


The final stage in your research paper editing process is the proofread my paper. This is the part where you get rid of all the grammar errors, the spelling mistakes, subject-verb agreements and so on.

If you’re still at a loss as to how to edit a research paper fast, we at offer a fantastic ‘Rush Turnaround’ service whereby we edit your paper in just 24 hours! To find out more about manuscript editing, check our website out further today.

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