What Overusing Exclamation Marks Says about You?

What Overusing Exclamation Marks Says about You

When there is something you want to tell everyone, something that is very exciting news, you usually go to social media and announce it there overusing exclamation marks because you know everyone will be thrilled just like you. But some people get tired of excessive exclamation points especially when they consider formal writing. They will probably cringe. There is a punctuation meaning so it is important to be aware and to know what lies behind the overuse of exclamation marks and why we sometimes do need to use a paper editing service.

overusing exclamation marks

Consider These Things First Before Using Too Many Exclamation Points

1. Think of how important your writing is
2. Think about how exciting you are going to write
3. Think of how urgent your writing is
People tend to use excessive exclamation points because they have this excitement in writing but there are a number of exclamation marks meaning that we should know and should be very careful.

Facts about Overusing Exclamation Marks

  • Punctuation can actually save a life because there is a difference between ‘Duck’ and ‘Duck!’
  • Bill Bryson said that exclamation marks are used to express strong emotion
  • In the historic times, newspapers consider exclamation marks as ‘astonishers’, ‘screamers’ and many more
  • Exclamation marks were once known as “point of admirations” during the late 14th century
  • The selfie of grammar is exclamation mark
  • Anton Chekhov wrote a story entitled The Exclamation Mark
  • Women usually have the issue with the overuse of exclamation marks than men
  • Hillary Clinton was told about not being ‘female’ enough because she didn’t use exclamation marks
  • It is also stated that the way you punctuate your sentence is also the way you punctuate your life
  • You should be careful with using too many exclamation points especially when talking professionals because it is like shouting

The Actual Hidden Meaning of an Exclamation Point

Exclamation Marks usually a sign of being playful and desperate. It is also used for screamers, smashes, controls, gaspers, slammers, boings, screeches and a lot more.
Famous people who use multiple exclamation marks in their movie

  • Chris Penn
  • Harrison Ford
  • Steve Carell
  • Gerard Butler
  • Demi Moore
  • Peter Sellers

The number of exclamation marks meaning are lots. Be careful in overusing them because people differ in the way they view and read things.

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